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231A, Section 8, also sought an order extending the time for filing a notice of appeal, pursuant to Rule 65 (a), of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure, 365 Mass. I would declare on the present facts that, if the Governor directs, the Attorney General is required by the statute to prosecute the Secretary's appeal or see to the appointment of other counsel to do so. He then argued that the purchase and sale agreement was not valid because conditions regarding appropriations had not been fulfilled. This amendment elevated the office of Attorney General to true constitutional stature. In response to this address and to statements made by then Attorney General Hosea M. Accordingly, we allow the Governor's legal counsel to proceed on his behalf. in which the Commonwealth is a party or is interested, or in which the official acts and doings of said officers are called in question, in all the courts of the Commonwealth . The Byzantine text-type (also called Majority Text, Traditional Text, Ecclesiastical Text, Constantinopolitan Text, Antiocheian Text, or Syrian Text) is one of several text-types used in textual criticism to describe the textual character of Greek New Testament manuscripts.It is the form found in the largest number of surviving manuscripts, though not in the oldest.

The plaintiff commenced this action against the Attorney General before a single justice of this court seeking a declaration that, when the Attorney General is representing the Secretary of Administration and Finance and Commissioner of Administration (Secretary) in a civil action, he is required, at the Governor's request, either to pursue an appeal or to appoint a special assistant attorney general, to be paid by the Secretary, to do so. 832 (1974), and Rule 14 (b) of the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure, 365 Mass. After a hearing, the single justice ordered that the time for filing a notice of appeal in the related action be extended until further order of the court, and, on request of the parties, reported the matter to this court for determination. [Note 5] Page 162 This statute dramatically changed the prior scheme, wherein the Attorney General appeared only in the Supreme Judicial Court and acted as advisor only, on request, in other tribunals. The varieties and complexities of the State organizational structures may throw up problems in the future to which the statute might speak differently than it does here.

In a civil action by the Secretary of Administration and Finance against the Attorney General in which the powers of the Attorney General's office were in question and not merely a disagreement between the parties, it was proper for the legal counsel of the Governor to represent the Secretary. 12, Section 3, he, as "chief law officer of the Commonwealth," had control over the conduct of the Commonwealth's case, including the power to make a policy determination not to appeal Page 155 from an adverse decision, notwithstanding a request by the Governor that he either appeal or appoint a special assistant attorney general, to be paid by the Secretary, to do so. Historical account of the office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth. The Attorney General had represented the Board in that action. The next major change in the office occurred in 1855 when the Seventeenth Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, providing for popular election of the Attorney General, was adopted. It further provided that such suits were to be conducted by the Attorney General or under his direction. policy" proposed by Governor Greenhalge was achieved. FOOTNOTES [Note 1] The Trustees of the Stigmatine Fathers, Inc. Marchand (Superior Court, Equity 36050) which you forwarded to me [at] the end of last week. To me, this is not a question of different `personalities' in government having a day in Court, but the application of principles of law which govern all administrators in government once the issue is decided. 12, Section 26, which allows us to "appoint some suitable person" to perform the duties of the Attorney General in his absence.

[157-158] In a suit in equity for a declaratory judgment by private parties against the Secretary of Administration and Finance in which the defendant was represented by the Attorney General pursuant to G. [159-163] CIVIL ACTION commenced in the Supreme Judicial Court for the county of Suffolk on November 4, 1974. In the related action against the Secretary, the Trustees argued that the prior decree estopped the Secretary from claiming that the purchase and sale agreement was invalid. Article 17 of the Articles of Amendment apparently originated in the Constitutional Convention of 1853 and was an attempt to give the appointing power back to the "supreme power," the people. Chapter 490 did away with the practice of having fragmented legal assistance for the Commonwealth by coordinating all legal services in the Attorney General's office. 185 , 187 (1905), and the "unity of system and of legal . Although it has undergone minor revisions, the statute governing the powers and duties of the Attorney General has remained in substance virtually unchanged since 1896. [Note 2] In a letter sent to the Secretary, the Attorney General explained his position: "I have had the opportunity to review the material regarding The Trustees of the Stigmatine Fathers, Inc. My study of the memorandum and pertinent citations does not change my belief that the ends of government will not be advanced by appealing the Order of . I regret our views cannot be compatible in this particular issue. [the judge] as he has clearly written it." [Note 3] We draw additional support for our decision from G. Although not itself applicable here, the statute can indicate a legislative intent not to destroy the jurisdiction of this court because of the unavailability of the Attorney General. All such suits and proceedings shall be conducted by him or under his direction.

The estimation of phylogenetic divergence times from sequence data is an important component of many molecular evolutionary studies.

There is now a general appreciation that the procedure of divergence dating is considerably more complex than that initially described in the 1960s by Zuckerkandl and Pauling (1962, 1965).

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The New Testament text of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Patriarchal Text, is based on this text-type.