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We get it, work is important and has been a priority but if you are trying to meet someone, do you really think having your phone glued to your hands is giving the right first impression?

My advice with to this, if you have a date planned, make it a personal goal to put your phone down for the couple hours you are meeting with someone.

From Baja all the way up to Oregon, the coast of California paints gorgeous, breathtaking moments every hour of the day.

Maybe all this beauty is why Los Angeles is known for so many creative venues.

If you live in the Los Angeles vicinity then you’re a perfect candidate.

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They will be sure to end date number one with no date number two in mind.

Californians are a special breed of people, and there are few who can understand you as well as an Angeleno.

The coast of California is only one of the many wonders of the state, and when you live in Los Angeles, you get to look forward to miles of fantastic views.

I have a kid named Sharon, i have been Divorced for the past 3 years now and haven't dated since then, that why i came on here to check if i can see what on here...

If you’re not dating Catholic personals then you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

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In addition to Los Angeles, we also have thousands of Catholic singles in New York, Chicago and throughout the United States.