Information regarding corporate managed updating

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Information regarding corporate managed updating

If the resources are to be transferred to another organization, please refer to the APNIC transfer page for more information on how records can be updated.If you need to update records not managed under an APNIC account, it is most likely that these are historical resources.The APNIC Whois Database is an important source of reference for the Internet community as it contains information such as the Internet number registrations, routing, and abuse contacts etc.Some ISPs filter IP addresses with invalid registration and contact details and maintain blacklists of networks with invalid whois information.

It is best to set the language when creating a meeting and keep the language the same.

Take advantage of time-saving tips and suggestions from industry experts and your peers on how to better serve your customers.

ADSelf Service Plus empowers end users with real-time web based self service update of user attributes.

For more information, view the Pricelink 4 Technical Guide, Pricelink FAQ Troubleshooting Guide and the Pricelink Active X User Guide.

This software is only for data contributions to Bloomberg.

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If you have Manage permissions for a meeting, you can view a list of all invited attendees for each meeting room.